Hello you, reader of my very first ever Chain Twenty blogpost [insert confetti emoji]! I’m happy to have you around, because starting an online business from scratch basically revolves around letting the world (you!) know how awesome your new business is — or is gonna be, in my case. The fact that you already found me, gives me all the heart eyes <3. Now if you haven’t stopped reading after this sentimental welcome, let’s talk business. I know there are many of you out there wanting to start an online business, so here are the signs telling you to take the plunge!

start an online business

An online business as a Plan B

I’ve been there — not so long ago actually ‘:) — and I know the feeling: In your wildest dreams you’re running a successful online business, but in real life you’ve told practically nobody about your business idea. And to the ones you did tell, you labelled it a Plan B, like, you know, just in case [insert current career name label] doesn’t work out…’ Yep, you dó wanna know how people react, but you dón’t wanna sound to serious, because people will probably think you lost your mind. I mean, how are people supposed to react when a twenty-something-year-old tells them she wants to spend the rest of her days knitting and crocheting? Exactly. (Note from the future: in case you’re that person who doesn’t understand why, I wrote down my 5 reasons to pursue a career in handmade design.)

starting an online business

Signs telling you to start an online business

So how do you know when the time is ripe? After months of joking around about my love for knitting and crocheting, I suddenly felt the urge to just do it (to speak in Nike’s words). And in case you’re wondering what that urge consisted of, here are the signs:

  • A feeling of restlessness — your life is just not complete without your imagined bizz! 
  • Every free minute is spent thinking about it — or dreaming, in case you’re asleep
  • You suddenly can’t stop dropping hints to other people — ‘oh, but who knows where I am in x years’
  • Concrete ideas come up spontaneously — brand name, marketing strategy, website design…
  • You’ve checked if ‘your’ web domain is still available — yes it is, hurry!
  • You’re reading anything related to your business ideas — even the most slightly related things

And a few practical ones:

  • People react surprisingly enthusiastic to your ideas — they’re actually góód ideas
  • You have some spare time — it takes way more of it than you’d ever expect (that’s a good thing though!)
  • You don’t depend on your new bizz financially — a part time job on the side is perfect for now

start an online business

Why you shouldn’t let fear of failure stop you

But then again, what if your business fails? What if the world doesn’t like it as much as you do and it doesn’t make you enough money? Or worse: What if you fail? What if you make the wrong decisions or can’t handle the responsibility? Even though all of these things can happen, they don’t mean the end of the world if you’re financially independent. However, it’s always a good (very good actually) idea to sit yo ass down (excuse my French) and write a kick-ass business plan. Just take the time — and this can actually take weeks! — to think everything through. I know this sounds silly, and I actually did this part in complete silence haha, but trust me, it will make you feel prepared instead of nervous and it will protect you against unnecessary mistakes. You’ll see soon enough, enthusiasm will triumph over fear!

I’m planning on telling you all about how these first steps went for me, so if you’re interested, don’t go anywhere 😀


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