Sooo, I’ve been thinking long and hard about this. I’ve wanted the perfect format for my blog for ages. Back in the days (the archives of which you’re highly recommended to check out if you wanna have a laugh) as well as now. I wanted to know exactly what kind of blogposts I was going to post. What to talk about. Which categories and labels to give them. How to style them. All that stuff. As you can guess from this blogpost’s title, that didn’t work out. Again, haha. So I’m embracing my ever-changing self and today I tell you all about my plans. Plus a little personal update related to my prepping for Gran Canaria!

What I’m wearing: H&M blouse (alternative), Weekday sweater (similar), H&M pants, Manfield boots*, Calvin Klein watch (similar)

Blog Changes

First things first. I initially wanted this blog to become a combination of knitting-, small-business-, and fashion-related posts. If you’re liking that idea, don’t go anywhere, ’cause I still want that. What I’ve been struggling with is the textual part of fashion-related posts like this one.

I don’t wanna be that typical fashion blogger (anymore) rambling on about how comfy I feel in menswear (which I do), how great these heels fit (which they do), or how freakin’ cold it was outside when we shoot these photos (which it was). You can all tell that from the pictures in this post anyway. 😉 So I’ve tried to link my fashion posts to knitting, such as in this blogpost about selling simple knitting patterns. After all, my love for fashion is the reason I started knitting in the first place. But to be honest, sometimes I just don’t see the link and I’m running out of interesting stuff to say. Add to that the fact that I’m going to move to Gran Canaria in two weeks (AAHH), and I figured I’ve got a lot of exciting things to say that don’t as yet have a place here on the blog. Why not complement my outfit pictures — that basically speak for themselves — with some updates about what I’ve been up to?

The Knitting Expat

In doing so, I’ve been GREATLY inspired by Mina, known also as the @knittingexpat, whose YouTube podcast I recently found and started to binge watch. Obviously, her stage name attracted my attention, since I’m gonna be a knitting expat myself. Plus: she has two hilarious cats, which I do too! The interesting thing is that even though I cannot relate to her knitting style, I love watching her podcasts. And I think that’s simply because she has become a real person to me, with a husband, a newborn and two cats, doing this and that, having good and bad times, and knitting all the things that fit her as the kind of woman she is. Needless to say, both Mina’s podcast and blog must be so much fun to watch / read for her family and friends from all the places she’s lived. It’s such a fruitful way to keep everyone updated and close, despite the distance. Why not imitate that?


So, there you go. That’s a change I’m making, starting today. Alsooo, Mina kind of talked me into the idea of podcasting myself (not directly haha, I just feel inspired by her). I’m super scared of putting myself and my Dunglish (as we Dutchies like to call our English) out there. Plus I’ve got no clue how video editing works. But in the end, in Mina’s case, it’s just her, sitting behind a desk, chatting for an hour, showing gorgeous yarns and knits, being disturbed by cats (and gekkos!) every now and then, and that’s it. And I love it! I mean, I could do that, right? Besides, I think it would really help me organize my knitting into finished objects, works in progress, and future projects. At the moment, any kind of knitting organization is totally lacking over here.


This brings me to my next announcement, which is that I finally signed up for Ravelry! You can find me there as ChainTwenty and please let me know if you’re on there too, ’cause I’d love to make new connections and see what you guys have been working on lately. Because that is the great thing about Ravelry that I didn’t know, but you can actually list projects as favorites, as works in progress, as in qeue, etc. I LOVE HOW ORGANIZED IT GETS ME, gaahhh.

Searching for patterns is a breeze too btw, you can select needle size, yarn size, yardage, type of project, well anything basically. One can really tell this site is made by knitters (also from a negative perspective though, because let’s face it, that interface and layout definitely need a web designer). Anyway, why am I telling you all this? You’ve probably known for ages. 😀 But let’s connect now that I’ve finally seen the light!

Prepping for Gran Canaria

To live up to my newly invented rules, I’ll quickly tell you something about life lately. Quickly, because applause if you made it this far, I’m not gonna bother you with another 589218754332 paragraphs.

I’ve got two weeks left to pack whatever it is I think I’ll need in Gran Canaria — and I’ve got no clue. I’ve taken some clothes there in February already, so that’s not gonna be a big deal. I still have to take some cat stuff. Yarn, OF COURSEAnd some sentimental things I need to make myself feel at home once I moved (like my Greek inscription- and Rosetta stone coffee mugs). Other than that, I really don’t know. I’ll be back in The Netherlands for a few days in April already, so it doesn’t really matter anyway. We’ll hold on to our apartment for another six months, so it doesn’t have to be completely cleared as well.

As part of the goodbye process, I’ve started selling a lot of clothes that I won’t need in that crazy-ass-nice-pretty-wonderful-Canary-Islands-climate. That will also get me a little money, which is good, because I don’t have a job in Gran Canaria. On another note, I’ve also said goodbye to my wisdom tooth this morning, haha. It scared the living hell out of me beforehand, but I’m pretty fine now (without pain killers even!) and it’s good to have that done whilst I’m still here.

So far my personal update. I hope this concept will work out for me, and I hope you loved reading this post. Next one will be a proper knitting-related one, I promise! 😉

* I got this product as part of a collaboration.


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