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Weeehoo, I love collabs, guest posting, and inspirational features, so if you ever wanna publish something about, with, or by Chain Twenty, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me! Below you’ll find the amazing brands / blogs / shops / creative fellas I’ve been working with in the past. <3

Mini Basket Crochet Pattern Release – 2017, October 27

“…Merel from @chaintwenty lives on an island (whaaaat?? how cool is that?) and had a really hard time getting access to the super bulky yarn this pattern calls for so she got creative with cotton yarn instead and she came up with the most adorable Mini Basket designs ever! (And holy cow how perfect are her basket photos?? #goals)…” read more.

Mini basket Darling Be Brave

5 Instagrammers to Follow for Beautiful, Minimalist Knits – 2016, October 16

“…I’ve been lucky enough to start to discover the most amazing community of knitters on Instagram, and I know I’ve just scratched the surface. I wanted to take a minute to give a shoutout to a few of the Instagrammers I follow who bring me joy through their imagery on the daily. I’ve got a little minimalist in me, so these guys are my faves when it comes to…” read more.

Chain Twenty

Cottage Branding – Focus – 2016, October 8

“How do you define what your style focus is? Merel of Chain Twenty (find her on Instagram here) is an up-coming knitwear maker and inspirational blogger. From her “how to wear it” posts to her vacation photos, Merel has maintained an enviable stylistic focus that is clean, minimal. classic, and cozy. On her blog, Merel explains her motivation…” read more.

How to Wear It: Minimalism by Merel of Chain Twenty – 2016, August 30

“Hi makers and fashion lovers! Kelly here, back with another fashionista ready to give some style insight for this week’s How to Wear It. Here at OML we celebrate the unique styles of all makers. Minimalists, this one’s for you. Merel of Chain Twenty is here to talk about the art of a minimalistic style with her gorgeous grey and white scarf. When it comes…” read more.

Chain Twenty press