On Instagram I told you I’ve started a Bullet Journal. And I’ve added to it, really sleezy da peezy, a capsule wardrobe spread, documenting all clothes I own. To afterwards decide which ones need to go. And which ones I still LACK (the fun part, muahaha)! Now I don’t wanna anticipate, but I think it’s about time to share my idea of the nine fashion items you need this Winter. At least I know I do.

fashion items you need this Winter

In this collage: Manfield bag, &Other Stories scarf, Cos jumper, H&M pants, H&M bath rope, Roeckl via Zalando gloves, Adidas Originals, Cos pants, H&M jeans (link details below)
  • A not to small but not too big cross-body bag
    To keep all of your most important belongings, without allowing you to take 5439021 lipsticks, 37851 key chains, 235890 notebooks, and 3248924 hair brushes. You know, only the basic stuff.
Manfield cross-body bag
  • A 100% wool scarf
    I don’t need to elaborate right?
&Other Stories scarf
  • A grey jumper
    I mean, look at this guy’s structure and half-turtleneck. LOVE.
Cos jumper
  • Two-toned black skinnies
    To spice up your black skinny jeans game (is there anyone else addicted?).
H&M skinnies
  • A white linen bathrobe
    (Or another color, for that matter, I won’t judge.) ‘Cause everybody deserves that luxury hotel-feeling at home.
H&M bathrobe
  • Leather gloves
    That are hopefully lined with something warm too. So you can beat the cold with style! These ones have zippers and are therefore totally badass.
Roeckl via Zalando gloves
  • Black Adidas sneakers
Adidas via Zalando sneakers
  • A good pair of dark blue jeans
    I only recently acknowledged the importance of dark blue and now I don’t know how I ever lived without it.
Cos jeans
  • Jeans with a twist (like assymetric edges)
    ‘Cause it doesn’t all have to be super minimal and basic, that would just get boring.
H&M jeans

Curious to hear more about the fashion items you’ll wear this Winter. At least make sure to stay warm!


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