Nothing like some good ol’ TV watching while knitting, right? Or Netflix. Or YouTube. Because the options are endless these days. If you’re a knitter yourself, or if you find yourself in some other situation in which you can use some visual inspiration every now and then, read on. Today I’m sharing my current favorite YouTube channels. And no, they’re not only knitting podcasts. When I’m watching YouTube videos, I wanna be inspired in some kind of way. So even though some channels are knitting related and make me wanna pick up my needles asap, others are business-, productivity-, beauty-, or fashion-related. It depends on my mood, but I’m interested in all these topics, because I think they all play a part in running a business like Chain Twenty. Without further ado, here are my 5 current favorite YouTube channels!


I discovered AmyTV when I was in quite a bad place. I had lost my inspiration and motivation and struggled really hard with getting things done. So, I looked on YouTube for motivational videos and discovered Amy’s channel. She publishes videos of around 15 mins twice a week about productivity, planning, and time management. She runs a company with her husband and one by herself, she works from home, and she’s a planning genius. From her I learned the importance of getting up early (she gets up at 05:30!). Via her I discovered the Morning Pages journaling technique. And she introduced me to calendar blocking. Since Amy is a major tech fan, I also use more digital tools / apps now myself, instead of planning everything in my Bullet Journal. My Bullet Journal is still the basis of everything, but I managed to digitize (and therefore make more efficient) many other parts of my life.



When I was done binge watching all Amy’s videos and looked for a new and similar channel, I quickly found Lavendaire, run by Aileen Xu. The content of her videos have a lot of overlap with those of Amy. They’re both about productivity and time management and sometimes mention the same techniques or tools. However, Aileen also focuses on mindset, psychology, emotions, and the spiritual. Even though I never thought of myself as someone being interested in spirituality, I find her perspective on things so illuminating, positive and motivational. For example, Aileen introduced to me the idea of the universe meeting you half way — in the sense that you’ll reach your goals sooner if you really believe in yourself and your goals. Also, I’m not a video editor, but I really enjoy the quality of her videos and edits. And did I mention her hair?



Talking about style and hair, I have to jump over to Victoria Magrath from Inthefrow. I started following her on Instagram ages ago, because she had such pretty pink hair (which she later turned into her — even more gorgeous — signature silver do). I don’t know why I enjoy her videos so much, because besides the hair, I don’t have the same fashion style as she has. But I think it’s just because she’s such a business woman. She works so so so hard, gets so much done, and always looks fabulous doing it. Every time I watch one of her videos, I want to go shopping online to buy some special clothes and beauty products and start taking really good care of myself to always look as happy and presentable as she does. I think she speaks to my self-care side. Even though I think she really needs to take some time off from work. Lastly, she’s a beauty with brains, because she finished a PhD in fashion and just published a book as an extension of her research. I’m not interested in a book about fashion too much, but I think this is one of the ‘blogger books’ out there that actually has quality content (for one, it’s not about Victoria herself).



Sticking with the fashion / beauty bloggers, I’d love to mention Lydia here. I basically follow her since the birth of mankind (and kinda miss her grungy style and long black hair), and I’ve had some ups and downs with her in terms of inspiration, but we’re definitely on an up right now. She and her husband bought this crazy big house last year and even though they’re both still quite young, they see / treat it as their “forever home”. This means they don’t cut back on quality interior stuff (they’ve renovated the whole house to perfection). And I can totally relate to Lydia being a total homebuddy and so in love with the place. She’s the type of fashion blogger who shows you her cozy clothes collection and gets crazy over cashmere pajamas, I love it! In terms of business, she’s also very inspirational, because she hardly works late and manages to incorporate cleaning / reorganizing sessions into her work hours. Total goals.



And last but not least, a knitting podcast. Because I can hardly publish a blogpost like this without mentioning a knitting-related podcast. Who doesn’t know Kristin Lehrer? I binge watched all her podcast episodes on YouTube (yes, that took me like… one and a half year?) and even though she knits completely different things than I do, and her style of making is so over the place I cannot relate at all, she continues to inspire me. Actually, I started hand dyeing yarn because of her. I followed her trying it out, turning it into a success, quitting her day job, and building a dye studio in the basement. I mean, isn’t that the dream? Even if it’s not hand dyeing you wanna do full time (I don’t want it to be the main part of my business), it’s such a wonderful achievement. I’d LOVE to have my own studio at home one day. Besides, Kristin reads a lot and is (therefore, I think) wonderful with words. She uses such fun words and makes up fun words too! It’s just a pleasure to hear her talk.


That’s what I’m watching most of the time guys! And if I just feel like laughing, I watch old comedies on Netflix. I burned through How I Met Your Mother in no-time (oh, I didn’t expect that to be so much fun)! And I´m now watching Friends from the beginning (which I’ve never done before!). If you know of any other series in that same easy & fun genre, let me know in the comments! The same goes for YouTube channel suggestions obviously. 🙂

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