Welcome to a considerably shorter knitting update post than last week’s one. 😉 Which is probably a good thing, ha. I didn’t get a lot of knitting done this week. My dad’s visiting us, our cleaning lady is on a holiday, and I promised a study friend to correct some of her thesis writings, so I guess that’s it. I did make a new Chain Twenty planning though, which involves opening the shop in July, finally! So the facecloths are in full swing. Read on for the complete recap.

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Finished objects

Etsy shop

Hurray! I finally set-up the beginnings of an Etsy shop! There are no items listed yet, but in case you’re a curious Aagje (as we would say in Dutch), you can find it here. Don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter if you wanna be the first to know when shit goes live (and receive a little coupon code in the process #justsayin). 😉

San AgustĂ­n facecloth #002, #003

Last week I told you about the first facecloth I finished that I was fi-nal-ly happy about. This week, I made a second and a third one, similar to the first except for the placement of the stripe. Simple, but with a small unique touch, it’s exactly how I like my designs. The plan is to make eight different facecloths over the next couple of weeks, to be put online as my first Etsy listings. Yaasss, exciting! I also decided to name all my designs after places in Gran Canaria, so this one is gonna be called San AgustĂ­n. The first place where we lived for the first design I finished, isn’t that appropriate? Photographing all the different San AgustĂ­n facecloths is still on my to do list, I hope to show you more pictures next week.

Chain Twenty San AgustĂ­n facecloth

San AgustĂ­n facecloth #001 (soon available on Etsy)
yarn: Drops Paris // colors: white (#16) and black (#15)
pattern: Chain Twenty (let me know if you’d be interested in it!)

Works in progress

Long Island sweater

I really wanted to have this guy finished this week, but as always, seaming takes way more time than I expected. So she’s a little bit more almost finished than last week, but still not finished.

Boxy sweater

Shame on me, I haven’t worked on this project at all!

Zigzag scarf

As I announced last week, it’s probably gonna take forever to finish this textured beauty. And it is. But I don’t mind, ’cause so far, I love working on it and I’m playing around with the texture too. It’s the perfect on-the-go or late-night project and I think the pattern is gonna be fab for a blanket as well. Curious to see how it’s going to develop. 🙂

knitting update

yarn: Drops Baby Merino uni // color: old pink (#27)
pattern: adjusted version of the Broken Garter scarf by Purl Soho

San AgustĂ­n facecloth #004

This one is halfway done and I can’t wait to add it to the “pile” of three. They look so gorgeous together. Still thinking about the best way to capture that in product photos.

Future projects

San AgustĂ­n facecloths #005, #006, #007, #008

I love my planning. Generally speaking, I love a good planning, haha, but this one in particular, because now I know how many facecloths I “need” to make. I don’t need to do anything, of course. But I do think it’s a good thing to address this whole Etsy shop business as a regular job where you just have to do things because your boss tells you it needs to get done. My planning is my boss now. And it tells me to get eight facecloths done. 😉

Mae Tunic

I’m so much looking forward to casting on Andrea’s Mae, but I’m not allowed as long as I still have three projects on the needles. Gotta obey your own rules ammiright? But when I’ve finished that Long Island sweater, I know what I’ll be doing… And I may or may not cast on a swatch today.


None! #decreasethatstash!

Thank you for all your positive feedback on last week’s first knitting update. It was so good to hear you guys enjoyed reading my written version of a podcast. I’d love to hear your critical remarks or suggestions for this blogpost category or my blog altogether, so leave me a message if you can think of some. ‘Till next week!


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