For those of you who aren’t subscribed to my newsletter (seriously, where have you been, get yourself over here)(haha, just kidding), or for those of you who missed the memo on Instagram, I’m writing this post today to collect all the info about the #TheWeekenderSweaterKAL that Lindsay (@bundlehandmade) and I are co-hosting! Because yes, Fall is upon us! Not that I need an excuse to knit a gorgeous sweater like Andrea Mowry’s The Weekender… If you feel the same, read on.

The Weekender by Andrea Mowry (@dreareneeknits). All photos of The Weekender in this blogpost are Andrea’s.

This pattern has been on my to-knit-for-myself-list ever since it was published. And apparently, not only on mine, but also on Lindsay’s. So, we decided that knitting it together is the most logical thing to do. And we want you to join in on the fun as well! If you were looking for an excuse to start working on that Fall wardrobe, here it is.



What better way to describe the pattern than by using Andrea’s own words:

“This drop shoulder sweater is my most favorite addition to my handmade wardrobe! (…) I combined my favorite attributes – texture, faux seams, drop shoulder, and some positive ease to create this versatile, flattering sweater! No matter your body type, it is perfect for wearing to the office or out on your weekend hike in the woods.”


For six weeks, from September 22nd to November 2nd, we’re gonna indulge ourselves in sweater knitting! At least, that’s the idea. However, the end date will very probably be extended, depending on when those participants that ordered a yarn kit from me (see below) will receive their yarn. Swatching is allowed before the 22nd, btw!

We are all probably very excited right now, but many of you are probably also familiar with that slumb later. This often happens during sleeve island or body island, as I like to call it, where you really don’t feel like finishing a project anymore. To prevent half-finished sweaters and keep you motivated, we’ll use the following schedule as a guideline. It’s not something to follow strictly, but serves as a reference to check if you’re on track to make the November 2nd deadline! (The text in italics refers to the paragraphs in the pattern.)

  • week 1 | sept. 22 to 29: bottom back hem + bottom front hem 
    I figured, since some of you may still be waiting for their yarn, or want to make a few swatches, we’ll start things off slowly. Feel free to proceed with the body section though!
  • week 2 | sept. 29 to oct. 6: body
  • week 3 | oct. 6 to 13: separate front & back, shoulder shaping, shoulder ribbing, bind off neck
    This seems like a lot of knitting, but it’s actually not that much. It just needs a lot of pattern instructions.
  • week 4 | oct. 13 to 20: Repeat the paragraphs of the previous week for the back of the sweater.
  • week 5 | oct. 20 to 27: first sleeve
  • week 6 | oct. 27 to nov. 2: second sleeve
    Plus, of course, weaving in the ends, blocking, wearing and drinking a well-deserved glass of wine (or something else festive that you prefer).


The KAL will be hosted on Instagram and we will be tracking our progress with the hashtag #TheWeekenderSweaterKAL. I’ll draw pictures from this feed to display in my newsletter, so that’s gonna be fun! You’ll have to run a public account in order for Lindsay and me to see your photos. Don’t wanna put your Insta account on public, but still wanna be featured in the newsletter? Read on.


If you’re on Ravelry, Lindsay created a thread in her Bundle Handmade group in which you can chat about and share all things Weekender! I’ll definitely pop in there from time to time as well, and share your progress shots in the newsletter.


Now I wouldn’t be me, if I didn’t dye up the yarn for this KAL myself. And Lindsay wouldn’t be the amazing and supportive human being that she is, if she didn’t custom order a yarn kit from me as well. I had some gorgeous SUAVE (100% superwash merino) DK weight yarn in stock that I dyed up for both her and me. The pattern calls for Brooklyn Tweed Shelter, which is a thin worsted weight (that actually has a DK weight’s yardage). SUAVE DK, however, is super plumb and bouncy, and after swatching, I decided it’s perfect for this pattern.

Update: in the meantime, I’ve sold out on all the yarn kits and they’re all shipped out now as well. I really wanna thank you for your orders and for your faith in me, shipping from a remote island in the Atlantic. I didn’t expect so much support for my business, so that means a lot guys! <3 Since this was so much fun, I’ll probably do more dyed-to-order yarn kits in the future, so keep an eye on my Etsy shop if you’re interested.




At the end of the KAL, Lindsay and I will draw a prize winner from amongst the pictures in the hashtag feed (so yes, the more pictures, the merrier). We still have to decided on prizes, so that will remain a surprise for now. However, isn’t finishing this sweater the best prize of all?

*As Lindsay kindly pointed out, prizes is written with a z and not with a c. I apologize to everyone who read my first KAL newsletter and had to endure that horrible I’m-so-sorry-I’m-not-a-native-so-I-don’t-see-these-kind-of-things-mistake about a bazillion times.

Well, I think I’ve covered all there is to cover for now. If you have any questions, feel free to comment on this blogpost to let me know. Looking very much forward to be knitting along with y’all!


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