Admittedly, starting a handmade shop for a modern audience (sorry grannies out there, I do love you too!) is harder than it initially seemed. I mean, the thought of making fashion items exactly corresponding to my own style is a lovely idea and all, but I can’t escape the fact that knitting / crochet are old-fashioned techniques and definitely are in danger to look so too. Therefore, I think it is extremely important to dive into my own wardrobe to see what modern elements I could possibly implement in my handmade designs to make them look like they just came off the runway.

inspiration for your handmade fashionWhat I’m wearing: Romwe sweater, H&M jeans, purse from Florence (they have the best leather goodies there), Sacha boots, Zara coat (last year’s, but check out this new collection one *whistles*)

This time, I teamed up with Romwe to get some inspiration out of a good old, simple, black and white sweater. Simple as it may be, I fell in love with the geometric shapes. I mean, I only added basics — blue jeans, black boots, camel coat and black cross-body bag — and it all still looks interesting! At least that’s my humble opinion. And this is basically how I like my outfits best: simple, consisting of basics, but with some kind of twist. (In case you do too, you’d probably like my previous post about the nine fashion items I’m definitely hopefully getting myself this Winter.)

The good thing is, this must be easily reproduceable in knitwear (ah, Google Translate tells me it’s ‘replicable’, but I like this better). At the moment, I’m working on a sweater design in the most gorgeous merino wool. And when the pattern is done, I’m gonna fit a geometric color design into it. Just to give it that modern feel.

Going through my wardrobe closet, I’m finding more and more things that I would love to implement in my future knitwear collection. Now let’s find the patience to finish that thesis first. 😉 I’d love to hear where you find the inspiration for your handmade fashion!

ps. Had some fun with editing these pictures. Hope you like it for a change!


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