It’s been a struggle, I’m not gonna lie. But I pride myself on having put together both a wardrobe and a yarn stash in overwhelmingly neutral color palettes. Black, white, grey, nude — repeat. Untill now. ‘Cause I’ve found myself a new addiction and it’s called olive green. Now Chain Twenty is not 1-2-3 gonna turn into rainbow unicorns, but beware for olive green in the FW16/17 collection. Here’s a little outfit sneak preview.

Olive Green

What I’m wearing: SheIn jacket, H&M jumper, Mango trousers, Manfield shoes, Casio via De Bijenkorf watch

My history with olive green

When I look back at my Instagram feed, it’s more than clear that olive green didn’t happen over night. In retrospect, it started with this blouse. And then this fun teeAnd now that I think of it, I’ve got to dedicate a separate post to clothes with quotes. And then I couldn’t help myself and I bought this yarnPlus the kitty — that unfortunately isn’t olive green. So when I saw this jacket, I knew it had to be mine.

olive green

olive green

Olive green is the new black (oh no, not yet)

I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t combine this sudden ‘pop of color’ with blacks only. Blacks, and stripes. Because stripes always make me feel comfortable. Now the only thing I missed shooting these pictures was a really great, warm and soft, oversized, blanket scarf. ‘Cause guysss, it’s getting cold here in The Netherlands! Let’s make myself one in black to match this outfit, and one in olive green to spice up my all-black outfits. 😉

olive green jacket

olive green jacket

FW16/17 Shop announcement

Working on an olive green Buttermint Blanket as we speak, and I love how it’s coming along. Don’t worry, it will be available in all the gorgeous neutrals too. But this will be the special FW16/17 color edition. I know Chain Twenty’s shop opening takes ages, but prepare for both ready-to-ship, as well as custom-made Buttermint Blankets, plus a pattern to make one yourself! Sign up for Chain Twenty’s newsletter to be the first to know when it goes live.

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