It seemed like a good idea to me to complement my (still future) handmade shop with a blog — the one you’re reading now, duh. ūüėČ ¬†A blog can provide inspiration, story telling, and trust building. And a fun excuse to snuggle up on the couch with coffee + chocochip cookies.¬†Anyhow, from¬†the story telling point of view, I’d like to spend this post telling¬†you about the main purpose of Chain Twenty’s blog. Spreading the love for a cozy, minimalist, and modern lifestyle. Sounds good? I thought so!

handmade fashion blog

What I’m wearing: H&M mom jeans (skinny version), Romwe v-neck knit (and let us not forget the ever important Nespresso coffee / maker’s fuel)

A cozy, minimalist, and modern lifestyle, wt-ef is that supposed to mean?

Everyone has different taste. And everyone has different ideas about what’s cozy, what’s minimalistic, and what’s modern. In my view, it has everything to do with basic pieces, neutral colors, great fit and shape, quality over quantity, less is more, that kind of stuff. For the fashion side¬†of Chain Twenty, this translates into oversized sweaters, leather skinnies, classic shoes. For the interior side it means warm blankets, structured pillows, simple accessories. In both fields, quality and uniqueness is key. Otherwise it will all get a little boring right? This is¬†exactly the reason why I started making stuff myself.

Blogging about the Chain Twenty lifestyle

On this blog, I don’t wanna talk¬†making all the time. I want to attract readers interested in the Chain Twenty lifestyle described above. Whether they are makers themselves (who happen to love the same style) or fashionistas / interioristas¬†looking for inspiration or unique items to buy. Therefore, I’m including outfit posts like this one, or this summery one. These posts¬†feature¬†clothing that hasn’t necessarily been made by me, but they do¬†reflect the vibes and feel that I wanna create¬†with my shop.

handmade fashion blog

Warm, oversized knits for sweater weather

One of my main goals for Chain Twenty’s shop is to make and sell the perfect, warm, oversized, knitted sweater. For me, there’s something about knitted sweaters that embodies all the above. They can be both casual and chic, both modern and classic, and they can be worn on both Summer nights outside¬†and Winter mornings on the couch. I teamed up with Romwe to try and show you the feeling a great knitted sweater gives me. And let’s hope, one day, I’ll design my own perfect version of this v-neck gorgeousness.

handmade fashion blog

handmade fashion blog

handmade fashion blog

Happy Monday!

Update from the future (October 2017)

Designing such a pattern is a whole different story, but I actually knitted another gorgeous v-neck sweater myself! She’s called the Mae sweater and I’m so proud of her!

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