It certainly has been way too long since the last time I wrote a blogpost, but what better way to celebrate my comeback than with 2016’s nine best Instagram pictures? I’m totally stealing Jess’s idea here, so in return I’m telling you to all go check out her ah-mazing work. Gahh! <3 That being said, those of you following around on IG know what my life has been all about (master thesis + graduating) and why I haven’t been posting earlier (too depressed due to all the changes in my life), but here I am, feeling better than everrr. And this post is going to celebrate 2016 and the beginning of 2017 — because for me, the new year has only started now.

Chain Twenty

2016’s best nine Instagram pictures @chaintwenty

#9 Merino Buttermint Blanket

Pretty cool my very first Chain Twenty design made it into the top nine (several times, actually). The name was proposed by @tangerineandme who deserves all the credits and eternal fame. Blankets are kind of my favorite thing to make, but since this one takes quite some time, I’m still in doubt if (and if so, when) I’ll add it to Chain Twenty’s shop. Many of you have asked for a pattern, so I will very probably write that up though!

Chain Twenty

#8 Sweater Knitting

My first (and hitherto only) Wool and the Gang knitting kit arrived. Remember me having a hard time choosing one? I eventually ordered the Coco Sailor Sweater, and I’m so happy I did. The pattern really gave me the confidence to start sweater knitting. Also, I made some mistakes in the increases of the sleeve pictured here, and didn’t know how to fix it, but you guys were so helpful on Instagram that I ripped and corrected it all. Love this community. <3

nine best Instagram pictures

#7 Learning Herringbone

Thanks to Hailey (@ozetta), whose giveaway I won — whut!? — I received WatG’s Rock a Hula cowl kit. So here is me trying their (easier!) version of herringbone stitch. Isn’t it the best? Due to my low stack of 8mm needles (one pair, eeks) that I continuously use for other projects, I haven’t finished the kit yet, but it’s high on my to do list!

Chain Twenty

#6 First Collaborations

I started my very first Chain Twenty collabs with the international fashion brands SheIn and Romwe, and the Dutch shoe brand Manfield. Romwe sent me this gorgeous v-neck knit that perfectly fits Chain Twenty’s style. I wrote about that in a post about the combination of handmade and premade fashion (including more pictures of this jumper).

nine best Instagram pictures

#5 Learning Moments

Even though I’m loving this picture, it represents a project that is actually a failure. It still lies unfinished in one of my drawers and one of these days, I will need to frog it. It’s a seed stitch baby blanket in gorgeous superwash merino, but it takes waaay too long to finish and I made some mistakes in the beginning. This was one of my first big projects and I didn’t yet know too much about fixing mistakes — plus I figured I wouldn’t mind a little irregularity here and there. As we all know now, OF COURSE I DO. So yeah, frogging it is. Please do check out Emily’s (@thebluemouse_) disciplined work, who not too long ago finished a very similar and GORGEOUS blanket (minus the mistakes).

Chain Twenty

#4 Yarn Experimenting & Pattern Writing

My perfectionism sometimes got the best of me. I tried different yarns to find the best one for my Buttermint Blanket. This was my latest purchase and I think I just need to stick with it. I’m gonna use this yarn to photograph the whole process and write up the pattern.

nine best Instagram pictures

#3 Making & Gifting

This was my first ever completed Buttermint Blanket, the one that inspired its name. I gifted it to one of my earliest supporters — Iris (@runwith_fashion). <3

Chain Twenty Buttermint Blanket

#2 Crocheted Blanket

This is perhaps one of my favorite pictures of 2016. It represents blanket crocheting + coffee, which is basically my idea of a perfect day. I’ve come to the conclusion that I can’t keep on making large blankets in teeny tiny stitches like this, because it takes way too long, but I just can’t help myself haha!

nine best Instagram pictures

#1 My First Ever Sweater

It’s so appropriate to have this picture on the top of the list! It’s my finished Coco Sailor Sweater and it basically represents everything I accomplished last year. I couldn’t believe how easy sweater knitting can be, and I’ve been playing around with patterns of my own ever since. There’s a new blogpost in the making about the whole process, in case you need a little confident boost to start such a project yourself (totally go for it, I’d say)! I feel confident that I’ll be able to release my own sweater pattern (and finished product) somewhere in 2017. How sweet is that!

nine best Instagram pictures

Now there’s nothing left to say, besides a big THANK YOU for your support on Instagram last year. I hope we’ll stay in touch in 2017 and I can’t wait to see what this year will bring for all of us!


  1. Love this and so glad you’ve got time to write blog posts again! Your photos are always amazing and I look forward to them each time I check my insta feed.

    1. Hi Emily, I’m sorry for responding to your comment this late, but I just wanted to say it really made my day! It’s so good to hear you like my content, thanks a lot! X

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