07:00 knitting // on Weekender sweater
08:45 breakfast
09:15 journaling & planning
10:15 playing on new iMac // got a bit distracted by all the things I want to set up and install etc.
11:00 yoga
11:30 shower
12:00 lunch
12:15 vacuum & mop // I hate hate hate this so much tralalee tralaloo
13:15 phone call // with bestie who just got engaged on her holiday!
14:45 e-mail & socials
15:30 text editing // finished an order 🙂
18:45 dinner & Netflix // we’re still on Mad Men
20:00 walk // plus watching stars from a car park, haha!
21:30 home, chill, reading, sleep

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07:00 knitting // Weekender sweater body is done and fits like a dream!
10:00 breakfast
10:30 planning
11:00 shower // + makeup today, because I have to actually leave the house
12:00 quick tidy
12:30 pack orders
13:30 lunch
14:00 post office + vet // and they closed the highway, so it took me a bazillion years to get back home
16:30 dye yarn
17:30 coffee + ice cream @ the beach // with le boyfriend + another friend
20:00 dinner + Netflix
23:00 bed

Chain Twenty

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09:00 breakfast
09:30 tidying
10:30 Bullet Journal + Google Calendar
11:30 TEJEDA pattern // mannn, this was more work still than expected
14:15 lunch
14:45 shower
15:15 procrastination // ‘:-)
16:00 shop update // but the internet turns out to have crashed
16:15 nap // one that turns out to be three hours long
19:00 dinner
19:45 shop update // after all
21:30 laundry // + waiting for the cat to come home
22:30 bed

TEJEDA sweater pattern

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061018 MWEH-DAYS

08:00 alarm + morning pages // the benefit of waking up later is that I can do this outside in the morning sun
09:00 breakfast
09:30 knitting // on TEJEDA sweater sleeve, finally!
10:30 shower + hair dye mask // it’s a bit more purple now, I love it!
11:30 lunch // already hungry again
12:00 procrastinating // + finishing yesterday’s time schedule blogpost
13:00 Bullet Journal + Google Calendar
13:45 iron
15:15 product photos
16:30 iron again
18:00 tidying
19:00 dinner
20:00 chill
22:00 out for drinks with friends
03:30 bed // when did it get this late all of a sudden?

BENTAYGA hat Chain Twenty

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Who would like to have a free calendar printable? Everyone, duh. Everyone who reads this blog at least, ha! Because if you’re here, you probably love planning as much as I do. In one of my most read blogposts I told you how I organize my life using a Bullet Journal. In there, I also wrote that I have a separate monthly calendar for Chain Twenty plans that are still kinda up-in-the-air. It’s a super simple, four-month calendar, and today I’m telling you how I use it. Plus, you can try it out yourselves, because I added the free printable!

Printable Calendar 2018

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07:15 alarm
07:30 knitting on Weekender sweater // almost through the first skein, which is my goal for the week
08:15 change into workout clothes + breakfast
08:45 journaling // welcoming this to my morning ritual
09:45 gym
11:45 tidying
12:45 lunch
13:00 shower + makeup
13:45 Bullet Journal + Google Calendar
14:00 Chain Twenty monthly calendar
14:45 text editing order // finished it!
18:45 dinner
19:45 pack orders // so thankful for your orders <3
20:30 pedi + mani
21:30 waiting for nails to dry // but actually wanting to go to bed
22:15 bed time, at last


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This week was a good week. Like a total sociopath, I cancelled all social stuff and stayed at home every single day. And it was goooood. I know this is totally incomprehensible to many people out there, but this is the only way for me to recharge my batteries. And if you read ‘Solitude’ — which is not a great, but still an inspiring book by Michael Harris — you’ll know that it probably isn’t at all the most damaging way to do so. So yes, I’ve channeled my inner solitude and worked on Chain Twenty like a crazy woman. Here’s to more of these kind of weeks!

Wool and the Gang 101 spots

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We all have these moments. When we feel like we’re running after ourselves, trying to keep up with life’s pace. At least that’s me right now. My trip to The Netherlands, which I mentioned in my previous update, was quicky followed by a trip of my best friends to me, in Gran Canaria. We’ve had loads of quality time together, which is good, but carving out time to work on Chain Twenty has proven quite difficult. As many of you know, a handmade business takes an incredible amount of time, and combining it with having friends over fulltime is simply not possible. So that’s why I have been a little quiet, but just know it was for fun reasons! All the work I did got done mainly involved my latest shop update, which was / is super exciting! So read on if you’re interested.

We Are Knitters Petite Wool Spotty Grey

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