Who would like to have a free calendar printable? Everyone, duh. Everyone who reads this blog at least, ha! Because if you’re here, you probably love planning as much as I do. In one of my most read blogposts I told you how I organize my life using a Bullet Journal. In there, I also wrote that I have a separate monthly calendar for Chain Twenty plans that are still kinda up-in-the-air. It’s a super simple, four-month calendar, and today I’m telling you how I use it. Plus, you can try it out yourselves, because I added the free printable!

Printable Calendar 2018

To prevent my Bullet Journal from clogging with plans and ideas that I never get around to actually executing, I’m nowadays working with this lil’ calendar thingy. After all, a Bullet Journal is still an old-fashioned pen-on-paper device, which I LOVE, but doubts about what to write down and what not and in what format and with which pen and whether or not to use colored pens or markers or… are REAL. So yeah, planning out stuff I’m far from sure of doesn’t work for me that way. It would get very messy.

And I don’t like messy.

So I put together this four-month calendar (yes, that’s the pdf link!) to write down all these ideas. The point is, Chain Twenty still comes second in the line-up of money sources. And if that first source (my text editing work) gets demanding, I’m going for it, only finishing Chain Twenty deadlines that are already in production. That means I can plan to have a pattern published next month all I want, but as long as I haven’t reached out to testers or promised that pattern to anyone in particular, it will be postponed.

Why plan, then?

Good question. One that I asked myself for a long time as well. And instead of planning, I just went with the flow, doing Chain Twenty things whenever I had time. However, what happened is that I had no idea what was going on, what I actually wanted to achieve and how much time that would take. Now that Chain Twenty is taking off a bit, and people ask me if I’m planning on doing this or that, I actually wanna have an answer for them, even though I’m not always sure if I’m gonna make my own deadlines.

So now, I plan my ideal achievements four months in advance.

I try to publish a pattern at least once every two months, I try to set up a new collaboration every month, I try to update the shop around those projects, etc. And I write all the deadlines that belong to these plans (“send pattern to testers”, “email this or that person”, “order supplies”) on the days they should ideally happen. Then I mark the deadlines that are already fixed, so I know I can’t change these anymore. The others remain up in the air. Every couple of weeks, I print the printable again and update it. Simple, right?

This is the October to January version. But if you guys are interested, I could upload an updated version every month. Just let me know!


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