In retrospect, selling something I made or designed myself has been on my mind since I was little. I remember waking my parents during the Weekend at six a.m. to make drawings. Yes, lovely, I know. I remember braiding friends bracelets at school a few years later, selling them for marbles. I remember receiving my best high school grades for Visual Arts. And I finally remember going to art school, and enrolling in an Art History bachelors program afterwards. And even though I’m now writing a research masters thesis in Ancient History, I continue longing for making. Why is that? What do I (and others) love about making so much? Here are five reasons why I pursue a career in handmade design! #relatablealarm

look stylish and be comfortable

What I’m wearing: H&M blouse, Zara trousers (similar), Zara shoes, Chain Twenty scarf (custom order here)

1. It’s relaxing

Making stuff with your two damn hands is extremely relaxing. It’s often used as a kind of therapy to decrease stress- and anxiety levels, so who doesn’t wanna do that for a living? I know I can get stressed out quite easily, which is why I keep on returning to making.

2. You can make things exactly how you like them

Especially when it comes to fashion, I know exactly what I want, and I get really upset when I don’t find that exact thing. Like really upset, haha. That’s why I usually shop alone. This way I can run from store to store quickly when I haven’t spotted what I was looking for. And nobody has to deal with my disappointed-mood ;). Now I can at least make the cozy knitwear I’ve always dreamed of, which is extremely satisfying. If I only knew how to sew…

3. You can wear PJ’s all day

I initially designed this blogpost as a ‘how to be stylish and comfortable at the same time’ post, because that’s a day-to-day struggle for me. I do like to dress up sometimes, but I often feel utterly uncomfortable at the end of the day, so I usually don’t. Sorry boyfriend. That’s why I’m always looking for pieces that look chic, but feel comfy — like the ones in this outfit. However, when you’re a maker, you can actually wear PJ’s all day!? Don’t tell me I’m the only one spending half a month’s salary on sweats. Like, marble printed leggins? Hell yeah.

4. You can work whenever you like

I know this also is a drawback, but I personally still prefer to organize time myself. I try to work from 9 to 5, but it’s okay to start at 11 every now and then. You can also easily plan free time for shopping sprees on Tuesday mornings (way better than Saturday afternoons) or go to the beach on a rare sunny Wednesday (because by the time it’s Weekend, it’ll probably raining again).

5. It’s diverse

A career in handmade design doesn’t only involve making. Thank God it does not, because that would eventually get boring! In order to actually sell your handmade stuff, you’ll first need a shop (physical or online — or both). You’ll need to promote yourself — via social media, markets, fairs, you name it! And you’ll need to continuously improve your craft skills. Staying up to date in your field, learning about webdesign and photography, being social and communicative towards your customers, it’s all part of the deal. And this often takes even more time than the actual making, but it’s all just as fun!

career in handmade design

career in handmade design

career in handmade design

career in handmade design

Already know you wanna have a career in handmade design?

But still don’t know if you’re ready to go for it? Check out this post about when to start an online business to see for yourself!


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