Instagram is the #1 source of inspiration for me. And many times it’s also a big motivator, because it shows that the thing I wanna do (running a succesfull knitwear shop) is actually possible. Now isn’t that great? I already discovered many amazing makers’ accounts when I was still only using my personal / blog account @merelymerel. Below you’ll find the five knitting Instagram accounts that were a big deal important for me in finding the confidence to start one myself, resulting in @chaintwenty.

knitting instagram accounts

In this collage: cozy @debrosse_nyc stacks, cheers to coffee by @ozetta, @miskunn’s candy colors, staples of @crochet_gallery beanies, Sunday bed knitting by @la.reserve.design


Nicole’s account @miskunn was literally the second makers’ account I started following (after Hailey’s, which you’ll find below). I’m extremely in love with the simplicity of her feed. And I can’t believe there are so little accounts like hers out there. That’s why I’ve started one myself, even though I usually cannot commit myself to post such consistent content as Nicole does. Over the last couple of months, Nicole drifted a little towards close-up photos of chunkier knits, but lately, she reinvented herself and is back with her teeny tiny yarn, intricate patterns, and yummy pastels / neutrals. <3

knitting instagram accounts


Who doesn’t love Hailey? She and her Insta / shop @ozetta is a big inspiration to many of us, I guess. When I found Hailey’s account I was stunned by how well her shop is running. For example, I remember a post where she mentioned she had over a hundred orders to catch up on. Like whuuut!? A full time job as a knitter — it is actually possible! Besides all of this, Hailey is worth following for her consistently cozy pictures. And have you seen her latest Autumn sweater? Major want!

knitting instagram accounts


The third account I started following was Teresa’s @debrosse_nyc. And actually, she’s the only maker I ever bought something from: A grid printed blanket scarf. (An all-time favorite. Plus: Teresa is a customer service queen. <3 But that’s an entire different story.) I love her overall neutral feed, which is regularly enriched with the most beautiful pictures of Haiti. Because yes, Teresa works her ass off not only for herself, but also to provide jobs to Haitian mamas. Now that’s what I call goals.



She has the colors I’d choose and the blankets I’d make. If Alison’s shop @la.reserve.design didn’t exist, I’d open one just like hers. Her Instagram feed included. It’s so much fun to watch her following (and shop) grow, and I love to hear bits and pieces of her own experiences as a business owner. Oh and have you seen those gigantic circular needles? <3



For Sabina’s account @crochet_gallery (just as for Teresa’s btw) you can safely substitute ‘knitting’ in this blogpost’s title with ‘crochet’. It’s all about crochet over at Crochet Gallery and Sabina does quite a lot of it. Don’t get me started about her blankets — such cozy (and huge) things to cuddle up in. They are definitely my number one blanket inspiration. Besides, I need that Ikea cabinet in my life. And that balcony view. Amen.

knitting instagram accounts

Still not convinced about the fabulousness of a maker’s life? Try this post containing five reasons why I pursue a career in handmade design. As diehard makers, you’ve probably known these accounts for ages. In case you do, don’t worry, I’ll continue this series with my lesser known discoveries. And if you don’t, hope you like these as much as I do!

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