07:00 alarm // but the bf came home late last night and we ended up talking for ages so I’m way too tired now
09:00 finally out of bed + knitting on Weekender sweater // how are you guys doing with the KAL?
breakfast + shower // makeup again today, who am I?
10:45 making travel plans
11:45 morning pages
12:45 tidying
13:30 Bullet Journal + Google Calendar
14:00 text editing order
16:00 late lunch break
17:00 text editing order
19:00 dinner with le boyfriend at a surfers’ bar
22:00 bed time

getting out of bed too late

So many things I wanted to do to today, but so little got done, simply because I got out of bed way too late. I’m trying to not let that ruin my productivity spirit, but I just can’t help feeling very unproductive if I can only start work at 14:00, while I didn’t even go to the gym.

Luckily, the day ended well with a quick but fun dinner at a nice surfers’ bar at the beach. Plus I’ve managed to get into bed early enough for a (hopefully) nice and early start again tomorrow. I’m gonna have loads of work time over the next couple of weeks, so that’s actually something I’m looking forward to very much!


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