07:15 alarm
07:30 knitting on Weekender sweater // almost through the first skein, which is my goal for the week
08:15 change into workout clothes + breakfast
08:45 journaling // welcoming this to my morning ritual
09:45 gym
11:45 tidying
12:45 lunch
13:00 shower + makeup
13:45 Bullet Journal + Google Calendar
14:00 Chain Twenty monthly calendar
14:45 text editing order // finished it!
18:45 dinner
19:45 pack orders // so thankful for your orders <3
20:30 pedi + mani
21:30 waiting for nails to dry // but actually wanting to go to bed
22:15 bed time, at last


Today I added journaling to my morning routine. Admittedly, my morning routine now includes loads of things that take up a lot of time. In fact, my morning routine basically takes up my entire morning. But lately I’ve been really preoccupied with “going after the life that I want” (Amy Landino‘s tagline) and with all the self care that may help me do so. I guess I’m just trying what works and what doesn’t.

Journaling in the morning is different from journaling in the evenings, because the latter usually ends up being a description of the day (more or less like I’m doing in these posts). The former allows you to write down the thoughts you wake up with, which are probably the most important ones. You haven’t had the whole day to overthink them, put them into a reasonable framework, or tone them done emotionally. Those unfiltered morning thoughts are therefore usually the most creative, illuminating and inspiring.

This habit is based on the technique of morning pages and that’s what I’d like to call them from now on. Putting the book about this, The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, on my to-read-list as we speak.

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