10:30 morning pages
11:30 breakfast
12:00 shower
12:30 Bullet Journal + Google Calendar
13:30 bake banana bread
14:00 set up for yarn dyeing // dyeing in between other tasks
14:30 email + socials // took me a long time, since I neglected this for three days
15:30 lunch // banana bread, of course!
16:00 continue with email // + yarn dyeing
18:00 dinner
18:30 TEJEDA sweater // weaving in ends + blocking
20:00 yarn order
20:30 finish up yarn dyeing
22:00 chill
23:00 bed


Today was all about playing catch-up, since I didn’t work for three days. We had a super fun (and exhausting) weekend with friends, doing an intense hike to a deserted beach (so good though!), making paella, and chilling on the beach. I completely discarded my morning routine and planning, which was nice for a few days.

However, this morning I woke up completely nervous, because I had no overview of my schedule anymore. I hate that feeling I get when I don’t know what deadlines are approaching and what tasks are priorities. So, I told the boyfriend to leave me alone (haha) and did a large part of my morning routine: I journaled, updated my Bullet Journal, Google Calendar and monthly calendar, and caught up on emails and WhatsApp messages (yes, I schedule my WhatsApp time ><).

The house still needs a good tidy, but I left that for tomorrow. Instead, I dyed all the yarn I still had in stock for the pre-order yarn kits, and the rest of the bare yarns is ordered. The first TEJEDA sweater of my hand dyed SUAVE chunky yarn is blocking as we speak (it turned out so good!) and I planned a lot of dates with friends for when I visit The Netherlands in a few days. Not a bad day!

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