10:30 morning pages // I’m working in the afternoon + evening today, hence the late start
11:15 planning
11:45 breakfast // making pancakes with le BF
12:45 shower
13:30 bed sheets
13:45 clean shower
14:30 set up for dyeing yarn // and do this in between all other tasks
15:00 personal finances
16:15 sort photos // I’m on a roll today!
17:15 book ticket // I’m visiting The Netherlands soon!
18:30 dinner
19:00 vacuum & mop // finish what the boyfriend didn’t get around to before work
19:30 knitting // on second sleeve of a TEJEDA sweater in ARENA VOLCÁNICA black
22:00 finish up yarn dyeing

bring yarn

A lot of people probably got married today. I always think about that when a day has a nice date. In other news, today was a productive day. I checked off everything from my to do list, which happens more often now that I work with Google Calendar. Google Calendar allows me to assign a certain time frame to tasks, making me realize I can’t do it all on a single day. As a result, my to do lists have become more realistic and achievable.

Anyway, I dyed loads of yarn today in between all the other tasks I did. The bright orange is the result of some trials with new dyes and is certainly not going to be a regular colorway, even though it’s a fun one! Besides, I got a lot of personal stuff, such as finances and household tasks out of the way. So now I’m looking at a relaxed weekend! See you on the other side. 😉

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