08:00 alarm // much later than I planned, but it got late yesterday
08:15 knitting on Weekender sweater // well into the body now, and loving it
08:45 breakfast
09:15 changing into comfy clothes + sneakers
09:30 walk around our neighborhood with le boyfriend
11:30 shower // no makeup today!
12:00 tidying the house
13:00 unplanned coffee with le boyfriend
14:00 lunch
14:30 planning // Bullet Journal + Google Calendar
15:00 vacuum + mop
16:00 e-mail + socials
17:00 dyes order
17:15 finishing yesterday’s blogpost // about my Bullet Journal, read it here
18:45 ironing
19:15 dinner + Netflix
22:30 bed time

Late starts

Never sacrifice on sleep, is what Amy Landino (@schmittastic) always says. Even though she’s the queen of waking up early (05:30 guys!!), she never sacrifices on sleep by going to bed early. I’m trying to make that a habit on as many days as possible as well, but yesterday we went for drinks with friends and ended up in bed at 23:30. Never sacrifice on a good glass of wine either, I’d like to add here as an excuse.

Anyway, to get a good night’s sleep, I woke at 08:00 and immediately felt like the day was passing me by and I was behind on everything. It’s another habit I’m working on to not let that discourage me though. And to not let that make me sacrifice on workouts either. Do you recognize a theme here? 😉 In the afternoon, I made an effort to prioritize and got the most important tasks done (such as finishing up that long overdue blogpost about how I organize my life, linked above!). Proof that late starts don’t necessarily make you less productive!

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