06:00 alarm
06:15 breakfast in PJs
06:45 knitting on BENTAYGA hat #4 // ready for crown decreases
07:45 changing into workout clothes
08:15 gym
10:00 shower // actually doing makeup today
10:45 early lunch
11:30 tidying the house
12:00 planning // Bullet Journal + Google Calendar
13:30 e-mail + socials
14:15 write + send out call for testers // for the TEXTURIZADO scarf
16:00 blogpost writing // about how I plan, not all done, but hopefully online tomorrow anyway
18:00 knitting on TEJEDA sweater #2 // beginning of first sleeve
19:00 quick diner // the sushi le boyfriend came home with
19:15 change of outfit + makeup
20:00 drinks with friends!
23:00 bedtime

I used to do this all the time on previous blogs: share a time schedule of what my day looked like. My followers then liked that very much, and I hope you will too! The plan is to only share these daily updates on work days, so they’re very much focused on my life as a creative boss owner. Where I can, I’ll also include photos of my WIPs. That way, this series will replace the weekly Maker Update series.

Today has been very productive, even though I didn’t get all the tasks on my to do list checked off. Thanks mostly to an app I recently discoverend and tried out today for the first time: Forest. The app will prevent you from using your phone by growing a virtual tree. As soon as you quit Forest, your tree dies. Silly, but it works!

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