07:00 knitting // Weekender sweater body is done and fits like a dream!
10:00 breakfast
10:30 planning
11:00 shower // + makeup today, because I have to actually leave the house
12:00 quick tidy
12:30 pack orders
13:30 lunch
14:00 post office + vet // and they closed the highway, so it took me a bazillion years to get back home
16:30 dye yarn
17:30 coffee + ice cream @ the beach // with le boyfriend + another friend
20:00 dinner + Netflix
23:00 bed

Chain Twenty

Today was a really good day. I received orders, packed orders, shipped orders, and worked on finishing more orders. Don’t get me wrong, I’m far from being able to live from my creative business, but this starts to feel like how that creative bizz life should be every day.

At the end of this month, I hope to have earned enough to invest in proper packaging. I get my wrapping paper, envelopes and shipping boxes from a local supplies store, but they don’t always have in stock what I’m looking for (and obviously, it’s quite expensive if you only buy a few bits and pieces every now and then). So I want a reliable supplier to order from in (relatively small) bulk(s). That way, I can make my branding more consistent and have everything I need in stock, always.

Also, I finished the body of my Weekender sweater! Which means I’m on schedule with the KAL. I’m knitting a size large and I’m happy I did, because I wouldn’t have wanted it any smaller than it is now. It’s so cozy already!

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