09:00 breakfast
09:30 tidying
10:30 Bullet Journal + Google Calendar
11:30 TEJEDA pattern // mannn, this was more work still than expected
14:15 lunch
14:45 shower
15:15 procrastination // ‘:-)
16:00 shop update // but the internet turns out to have crashed
16:15 nap // one that turns out to be three hours long
19:00 dinner
19:45 shop update // after all
21:30 laundry // + waiting for the cat to come home
22:30 bed

TEJEDA sweater pattern


I could just as well have called this blogpost ‘a most unproductive day in the life of’, because guys, this was a horrible day. Maybe it was — again — due to the fact that I started my day late, but I thought I had recovered from that with finally finishing my TEJEDA sweater pattern. It was such a mood booster to have that beast finished and I couldn’t wait to publish it in the shop.

But, then the internet failed me. And when I realized that also meant I couldn’t do any knitflixing, I suddenly felt very tired and decided to take a three-hour nap. Because twenty-minute naps don’t exist in my world. I woke up when the boyfriend got home and it was already dinner time. Luckily, the BF got the internet running again so I did the shop update in the evening!

What’s in there? A BENTAYGA double brim hat in ENERO mint green (that has now free shipping!), new skeins of sock yarn (including one in my new EL OTOÑO colorway), pre-order yarn kits for both The Weekender and TEJEDA sweater (these will be available only for a week), and obviously my TEJEDA sweater pattern!

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