09:30 having a shower & breakfast
10:30 doing groceries with the boyfriend // this is always so much nicer to do together
12:30 knitting on TEXTURIZADO scarf in BLANCO (undyed)
14:00 having lunch while watching Friends
14:30 journaling & planning
15:30 answering e-mails & posting on Instagram
16:30 writing a blogpost about my current favorite YouTube channels // HOW COME this took me three hours!?
19:30 cooking & having dinner // I’m making this vegan bulgur salad (for the Dutchies amongst you)
22:00 sorting photos
22:30 finishing up // ending this blogpost, tidying up, skin care, etc.
23:00 going to bed

Time flies when you’re having fun, they say. Well, I didn’t particularly have fun today, but time flew nonetheless. They boyfriend and I got doing groceries out of the way at the beginning of the day, which took two hours. Then I had my 1,5 hour of a daily knit fest. Then my journaling, planning and emails took another two hours. And then I managed to write a blogpost in a whopping THREE hours. (Seriously, I have no idea where the time went.) But it’s about my current fave YouTube channels and it’s live tomorrow morning, so you better check it out. ><

And THEN it was time to cook, because I haven’t properly cooked in days (weeks?). Which is ridiculous and I had no excuse now that we did all the groceries I needed. So that took another two hours. (Admittedly, also because my ill kitty came to chill out on my lap after dinner and I didn’t wanna disturb her.) And thennn I quickly sorted photos and now I’m sitting here, typing this.

Gosh Merel, you’re not gonna bring in any money this way, that’s for sure! Anyway, I’m happy with the progress on a TEXTURIZADO scarf in BLANCO natural (undyed), pictured above. The pattern for this is in the making, and in it I describe how I knit this scarf with three skeins at the same time, so the colors of hand dyed yarn will blend beautifully and you’ll have no ends to weave in at the end. Win-win! I’ve planned a shop update for Tuesday, November 27th, which will hopefully include this scarf, the pattern, and a yarn kit for it. The next few days will be filled with a lot of text editing work though, so we’ll see how I progress.

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