09:30 slow morning // coffee in bed, breakfast, shower, everything at a Sunday-morning pace
11:30 tidying // much needed surface wipe, laundry, organizing clothes, etc.
12:30 knitting // on the second Weekender sweater sleeve
14:00 lunch
14:30 vacuuming
15:00 planning // catching up on my Bullet Journal and Calendar that I haven’t touched in what feels like ages
16:00 e-mail & socials
17:00 call from a friend // oopsie, that took a lot longer than expected
18:00 dinner
19:00 pack & ship orders
20:45 organize iMac // tidied up all my contacts (that had remained unchanged since high school)
22:15 tidy up & cool down // brush teeth and everything…
23:00 bed time

Thank you guys all so much for coming back for this series of blogposts. The previous one was a great success in terms of viewers! And even though writing these little snippets of my day helps me structure my work days, I wouldn’t post them if I knew nobody ever reads them. So thanks again!

Today I worked on my Weekender sweater that is now almost finished. I would have bound off today weren’t it for the fact that I made a mistake by starting the cuff of the sleeve too soon. I had to rip back quite some rounds and redo them. I’m on the ribbing again now though, so I’ll finish it next time!

The rest of the day wasn’t too productive. I did some tasks that keep coming back no matter what (like vacuuming and answering emails) and by the time I finished that, my friend called and I spent way too much time on the phone. Luckily, I did get my orders out and I got some organization on my new iMac done. I want this computer to be fully organized: there should be no stuff on it that I don’t need and I want all apps and programs to be fully functioning.

This time I organized my contacts: I got rid of all the phone numbers and email addresses of people I don’t even know anymore, and added extra information such as addresses and birthdays for the contacts I kept. It’s not completely done yet, but it feels so much better already!

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