07:45 morning pages
08:30 breakfast
09:00 tidying
10:15 text editing // for the boyfriend
11:00 vacuum & mop
11:45 lunch
12:15 knitting // on that TEJEDA sweater sleeve again
13:30 gym
15:15 shower
15:45 manicure
16:15 text editing // for a friend this time!
18:00 dinner
18:45 knitting // TEJEDA again + Friends on Netflix
20:30 Bullet Journal + Google Calendar
21:00 reading // still working my way through ‘Flow’
21:30 bed

Except for some serious sleeve progress on my second TEJEDA sweater, not much got done work-wise. I went to bed a little too late yesterday, so I got a relatively late start. Despite that, I managed to drag myself to the gym ánd clean the house, both of which made me feel so, so good. I also helped both le boyfriend and a friend with some official texts / letters they had to write, so I guess I made myself quite useful after all. 😉

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