07:45 alarm, morning pages
08:30 breakfast
09:00 knitting // on Weekender sweater body
09:45 tidying
10:30 Bullet Journal + Google Calender // made an appointment for a hair cut too!
11:45 gym
13:45 shower
14:30 lunch
15:00 groceries + post office
17:00 early dinner
17:30 Spanish // FINALLY
18:30 text editing
20:00 chill // a glass of red wine, a kitty on my lap, Friends on Netflix
21:30 bed time

This morning I wrote in my journal that there were three tasks (frogs) today that I really didn’t feel like doing (eating): going to the gym (just not feeling it), doing groceries (I hate that so much), and calling the hair salon (I love getting a hair cut, but I hate to be on the phone with a stranger HAHA #introvertproblems #alsodontcallme). I also wrote that my day would be perfect if I managed to complete all three of these tasks. And I did. Plus some Spanish studying. And for some strange reason that makes me feel so empowered and accomplished. Isn’t that the strangest thing?

It may also have had something to do with the incredibly satisfying fact that today is October 1st and it’s also a Monday. I love Mondays, I love new weeks, and I love new months (and very much also new years). Clean slates, starting points from which to tackle life with renewed motivation and inspiration. I made new Bullet Journal weekly spreads and a new habit tracker, the latter of which I now split into a daily and a weekly tracker. If you’re interested, I wrote a blogpost about how I organize my life using a Bullet Journal. Now it’s time to go to bed early and finish this perfect day perfectly.

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