Guys, the struggle is real. I know the crafty knitstahs among you will agree. To celebrate officially starting up Chain Twenty, I promised myself a Wool and the Gang knitting kit. First of all, because such a kit will of corso be the most appropriate gift ever. But second of all, it will serve the purpose of teaching myself how to follow — and maybe one day even write — a pattern, and to gain experience in sweater knitting. Ah well, those are just silly excuses to buy me some new goodies ><, but hey, I still need your help in selecting the most awesomest kit.

Wool and the Gang sweaters

Wool and the Gang Knitting Kit

I came across Wool and the Gang ages ago already. At a time when I was kinda teaching myself how to knit, but when it still seemed all too daunting. Especially after visiting WatG’s webshop and discovering that they have this whole gang knitting all of the amazing things so people can buy them pre-made! Not for me, I thought, I’ll never be good enough. But then the last couple of years happened and now I find myself willing wishing to buy a knitting kit myself. Admittedly, at first I wanted to buy a kit at We Are Knitters — which is a similar online store from the US — but import taxes can be ridiculously high here in The Netherlands, so WatG (shipping from the UK) is the less expensive option for me. Luckily, WatG has lots of awesome kits to choose from, so it took me quite a while to narrow it done to two. Now I’d like to have your votes!

1. Coco Sailor Sweater

I never met a stripe I didn’t like — anyone who knows me, knows that holds true for me. I basically love everything striped, and the Coco Sailor Sweater is no exception. It’s gonna be hard to choose colors, but I think I’d go for the classic white-blue combo. I especially love the simplicity of the design (rib stitch and stockinette), which is convenient for a beginner sweater knitter like me who still needs to learn the basics. And also, it comes in different sizes! For someone who loves her sweaters oversized, that’s a big plus. When ordering the pattern + yarn for a size XL (but without the knitting needles), it will cost me €95,00.

2. Julia Sweater

Made of that same gorgeous shiny happy cotton, the Julia Sweater is more plain color-wise, but is made in my all time favorite stitch: seed stitch. I love how flowy and slouchy it looks in the pictures. It seems to be a bit more oversized too, judging from the dropped shoulders. Again, I’m gonna be in doubt about the color for ages, but I’d probably go for a safe Eagle Grey. Julia is size adjustable too, so for the pattern + XL amount of yarn, it’s gonna cost me €106,00 (I’ll need one extra ball compared to Coco).

How The Gang Wears It

Not that it’s gonna help choosing, because The Gang knows how to wear both of these sweaters, but still — here are some very Instagram worthy pictures of both sweaters. Now please help me choose the right Wool and the Gang knitting kit!

Wool and the Gang knitting kit

Photo credits | @lisasabrier | @mbz999 | @woolandthegang | @ali__oops

Wool and the Gang knitting kit

Photo credits | @woolandthegang 1 | @woolandthegang 2 | @woolandthegang 3 | @woolandthegang 4

Update from the future

Eventually, I went with the Coco Sailor sweater, and here‘s how it turned out, woah!


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