As a proper list maker, I’m also with military precision keeping track of my wishlist. I love wishlists. Of course they come in handy for birthdays, the holiday season, or other festive occassions. However, they also help me restrain my own spending habits. And for someone with expensive hobbies like… yarn, that can be a pretty good thing. So, let me explain how I’m managing all of this, and show you what’s currently on my minimalist blogger wishlist!

minimalist blogger wishlist

In this collage: Lor marble sweater, Modemusthaves stapler, pineapple lamp, toilet bag, tape holder, and Macbook case, Manfield buckle shoes (link details below)

Why a wishlist is handy

  • You get what you want as presents. For your birthday, for Christmas, for a promotion, for graduating, there are more occasions you might think for others to spoil you. Tip: publicize your wishlist. [insert angel emoji]
  • It gives you an overview of what to save money for, which makes you more likely to actually save money. 🙂
  • While saving money for an item on your wishlist, you’ll have time to reconsider buying it. Many items disappear from my wishlist before I even saved enough. Therefore, anything you eventually end up buying is less likely to be an impulse buy.
  • Because of the two above things you don’t have to feel guilty when buying something expensive.
  • When you foresee an impulse buy that is not on your wishlist, you’ll be more likely to restrain yourself by investing in wishlist items first, and putting the newly discovered item on the list to be bought later.

You see? All the more reasons to start keeping track of a wishlist asap.

What’s on my minimalist blogger wishlist

I must admit, my wishlist is a hot mess, full of the most various and random stuff. In this blogpost series, I’ll try to assemble some items that are somehow related. This time, I’m sharing the things that make my minimalistic blogger heart skip a beat.

minimalist blogger wishlist

Modemusthaves Marble Macbook case

The most important tool of any blogger: The laptop. It’s kinda where the magic happens (besides on my needles / hooks). I switched from Windows to Apple about a year ago and even though I hated it at first, I can’t live without my Macbook any longer. A Macbook is already pretty to look at as is, but marble makes everything better.

minimalist blogger wishlist

Lor by Laure marble sweater

Talking about marble, how about an all-over marble printed sweater to drown in while we’re working? Plus: This one is from a very cool start-up business! And don’t we all wanna support start-ups? Of course we do.

minimalist blogger wishlist

Manfield buckle shoes

Working in a shoe store can be frustrating when there’s this one shoe staring at you all the freakin’ time like it wants to say TAKE ME HOME. And as a not-so-much fashion but pretty-much handmade blogger, I love everything comfortable. Comfortable but stylish though. I think these fit the description aptly! (Update from the future: I actually got myself these shoes! Find me wearing them here.)

minimalist blogger wishlist

Modemusthaves tape dispenser and stapler

Now that we’ve talked pretty gear and comfy outfits, let’s talk office. I’m a sucker for everything office- and stationary related and when it combines rose gold and transparency? Oh, stop it.

minimalist blogger wishlist

Modemusthaves toilet bag

I know this is a toilet bag, but again, I couldn’t resist the marble. I think it belongs on my blogger’s desk, holding all the teeny tiny important stuff, such as pens, scissors, USB sticks, etc. OR, I could use it for my crochet hooks. 😐

minimalist blogger wishlist

Modemusthaves pineapple lamp

And finally, when there’s too much work to do and we’ll have to work through the night, let’s brighten up our desk with this fella shall we? <3

Sorry for the Modemusthaves overload, they just sell so much cute stuff (this is not a sponsored post haha)! The good thing is: you can select English on their site, and they sell worldwide. Oh, and if you’re curious to see what I actually end up buying? Follow my ‘new in / just ordered Pinterest board!


  1. I love the idea of a wishlist to prevent impulse-buying (which I still do sometimes,, like this morning in an online shop haha *shame on me* :p)

    1. Haha I know, I find it’s especially hard to resist online stuff! Especially when it comes to clothing, I’m always unsure if the items will fit me and then I order a whole bunch thinking I’ll return half of it — but when everything fits well, I’m usually keeping it all ><. Wishlist making has changed my spending habits in a really positive way, plus I'm happier with the pieces I buy! Thanks so much for commenting babe, X

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