08:30 breakfast
09:00 morning pages
09:45 blog // yesterday’s time schedule post + Insta graphic
10:15 shower
11:00 planning // Bullet Journal + Google Calendar
11:45 yarn labels // forgot I need to make more to be able to pack yarn orders
13:00 pack orders
14:15 lunch
15:15 shop online // random stuff I need in NL
16:30 ironing
17:30 email + socials
18:45 ironing again // gotta split this shit up
20:00 pack suitcase // where did dinner time go?
21:45 bed sheets
22:00 ‘dinner’ // just a slice of bread and an orange, haha
22:15 manicure
23:00 shop listings // only checked the stock, I’ll make listings another time
23:15 blog // finishing up this post + Insta graphic
23:30 bed


I’m not quite sure how this happens, but every. single. time I’m going on a trip, I manage to do every. single. thing last-minute. My alarm goes at 04:15 tomorrow morning, so I’m going to keep this real short, but I’m happy to announce that I — at least — did everything strictly necessary to go on this trip in a relaxed way. Not in a well-rested way, but calm nonetheless.

For those who missed it, I’ll be visiting friends & family in The Netherlands, where I’m from! I’ve got loads of fun dates planned (even a graduation ceremony!) and in the meantime I’ll be working on the shop update on Saturday and on blog posts. Please, sign up for the newsletter to stay in the loop about the shop (because it’s gonna be a real good clean-up-so-you-get-a-discount-update)!

I think I’m actually not going to take any knitting with me, even though that means I’m not going to make the Weekender KAL deadline. My carry-on luggage does not have room for an entire sweater. 😉 And honestly, I don’t think I’ll get bored.

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