07:15 knitting // catching up on Weekender sweater KAL
09:30 breakfast
10:00 shower
10:30 tidying
11:00 morning pages
11:45 Bullet Journal + Google Calendar
12:15 Instagram planning
13:15 lunch
13:45 email + socials
15:30 tidying
16:00 groceries list making // the boyfriend actually shopped them, bless his soul
16:30 newsletter // procrastinated a little, which is why it took so long, haha
19:00 cat litters
19:30 dinner + Netflix // still on Mad Men
22:00 bed

I did this poll today on my Instagram stories, asking you if you keep some kind of journal. Surprisingly, almost half of you do! I expected it to be way less people, so that was fun to know, because journaling is super important in my life. I kept many journals or diaries as a kid, but in my adult life blogging and planning (the latter in a physical notebook) basically took over whatever kind of journaling I used to do.

Until recently. As many of you know, or are familiar with yourself, I have struggled with introversion, reinventing myself (being graduated and moving to a different country), and work. Because when starting your own business, you have to deal with a lot of negativity, setbacks, and doubt. And you have to be a pretty strong person, with a lot of self confidence to counter all those things.

That’s why I’ve been trying all kinds of self care: starting with watching YouTube videos about this subject, to deliberately ‘composing’ a morning routine that consists of things that make me a better person. One of them is journaling, and I may talk in detail about how I journal in a later blogpost if you’re interested. For now, I just wanna say it has helped tremendously to put my thoughts, ideas, anxieties and plans in order. And instead of thinking about all those things all the time, it helps me to figure out exactly what to do with them instead.

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