08:30 breakfast
09:00 morning pages
10:00 Bullet Journal + Google Calendar
10:30 newsletter // about the shop update tomorrow!
12:00 Etsy listings
14:30 quick lunch
14:45 TEJEDA pattern // going through all the feedback
16:30 tidying
17:15 coffee break
17:45 bed sheets
18:00 shower
19:15 BBQ // @ friends’ place
00:00 bed

Meet my new colorway: EL OTOÑO

I didn’t post for a couple of days. Basically because my days weren’t worth writing about in terms of work. >< I had a big 30th-birthday party on Thursday (not mine!), for which I spent half the day shopping for an outfit. #girlproblems right? Anyway, I ended up shopping my uniform, only a little more chic: slouchy trousers with an oversized glitter top and heels. Regretted the heels very much though, as per usual.

Yesterday, I was SO tired from small talking my way through the night, I spent the entire day in bed / on the couch knitflixing. Don’t get me wrong, it was a great party, but besides the alcohol hangover, the social hangover is always a very real thing in my world. Anyway, I got loads of work done on my Weekender sweater, even though I still need to catch up a little.

Today finally was a good work day again. I prepped almost everything for the shop update tomorrow and I can’t wait to debut my new colorway EL OTOÑO! Then I curled my hair with the curling wand the boyfriend got me as a present (<3) and topped the day off with a BBQ with friends. Wouldn’t change a thing!

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