06:30 morning pages
07:15 breakfast
07:45 Bullet Journal + Google Calendar
08:00 shower + laundry
09:00 post office + groceries
11:00 coffee break
11:45 tidying
12:45 lunch cooking // omg, the mess, the time, this is why I hate cooking
14:45 personal finances
15:30 knitting // wanted to finish that TEJEDA today, but it’s not happening
18:30 reading // ‘Flow’
19:15 date night with a friend
23:30 bed

diary of a creative business owner

Today wasn’t the most productive of days, but I got some frogs eaten, such as doing groceries and cooking. If you can call making wraps “cooking”. But I guess you can, because it involved potatoes from the oven en cooked rice and it took more than an hour to make them. Which technically is why I hate cooking. But I love eating, and I love eating healthy, so hey. The sacrifices you make.

I also got halfway through the second sleeve of my second TEJEDA sweater. I had hoped to finish it today, block it tomorrow, shoot it on Friday, and put it in the shop on Saturday. But it’s not gonna happen and that’s okay. I gotta refocus on the pattern, because I really want to have that done for the shop update!

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