06:45 morning pages
07:30 breakfast
08:15 phone call
08:45 tidying // + toilets, cat litters and bed sheets
10:45 yoga
11:30 shower
12:00 newsletter
14:00 sort photos
14:15 lunch
14:45 email + socials // why do I always postpone this until it takes two hours?
16:45 package orders
17:30 design voucher
18:45 dinner
19:15 knitflix // TEJEDA sweater + Friends
21:45 bed

The body of my Weekender sweater is done! As is the first sleeve of the second TEJEDA sweater. I’m knitting both out of my own yarn, which is heaven. It’s so much fun to work on something that is truly my own.

Today was a pretty good day; I got loads of stuff done. The only thing I didn’t do was — of course — getting out of the house for the post office and groceries. This is also meant I couldn’t cook a proper dinner, so I ate something I still had in the freezer. Why is it so difficult for me to get out of the house and / or cook? I just dislike it so much. ><

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