061018 MWEH-DAYS

08:00 alarm + morning pages // the benefit of waking up later is that I can do this outside in the morning sun
09:00 breakfast
09:30 knitting // on TEJEDA sweater sleeve, finally!
10:30 shower + hair dye mask // it’s a bit more purple now, I love it!
11:30 lunch // already hungry again
12:00 procrastinating // + finishing yesterday’s time schedule blogpost
13:00 Bullet Journal + Google Calendar
13:45 iron
15:15 product photos
16:30 iron again
18:00 tidying
19:00 dinner
20:00 chill
22:00 out for drinks with friends
03:30 bed // when did it get this late all of a sudden?

BENTAYGA hat Chain Twenty

BENTAYGA hat in ENERO mint green that will soon be in the shop

This was a Saturday like a Saturday should be: a little bit of work, a little bit of household, a little bit of socializing at night. No pressure, no stress. Well, I say this, but this is something I’m actually still learning not to struggle with. I wanna be productive all the time and these half-half days don’t really work for me. I either wanna get shit done, or I want to relax and do nothing.

I think I’ve been working too much these days. I didn’t take my days off last time, because the boyfriend wasn’t here and I wanted to take full opportunity of the fact that I was home alone. But now it kinda starts to backfire. I feel like I need time to relax, but I still continue to do work stuff, which I’m not very productive at since I need that relaxation. That results in mweh-kinda days. Luckily yesterday ended on a good note, with drinks and friends. And I’m actually very happy that all my clothes are ironed and my new products are photographed. #smallwins

There will be a shop update soon, including this ENERO mint green BENTAYGA hat and some sock weight yarn that you can find a sneak preview of here. Sign up for my newsletter if you don’t wanna miss out on any info about shop updates.

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