07:00 knitting // on Weekender sweater
08:45 breakfast
09:15 journaling & planning
10:15 playing on new iMac // got a bit distracted by all the things I want to set up and install etc.
11:00 yoga
11:30 shower
12:00 lunch
12:15 vacuum & mop // I hate hate hate this so much tralalee tralaloo
13:15 phone call // with bestie who just got engaged on her holiday!
14:45 e-mail & socials
15:30 text editing // finished an order 🙂
18:45 dinner & Netflix // we’re still on Mad Men
20:00 walk // plus watching stars from a car park, haha!
21:30 home, chill, reading, sleep

Last week I was in The Netherlands, visiting friends & fam, and halelujah the boyfriend surprised me with an iMac when I came back home. 😐 As if being in the NL wasn’t fun enough already! Anyway, I’ll spare you the details of installing all the things, getting my shit from my MacBook transferred and getting used to this new, HUGE screen. Let me just tell you it’s PRETTY. So pretty! I mean, look at how Pinterest looks on a screen like this. PRETTY. It has given me a huge motivational boost to kick ass again work-wise.

So that’s what I’ve been up to since my return last Wednesday. After sleeping almost 24 hours (haha, for real!) I got back to my planning, schedule, calendar, email, messages, socials, everything. I’m still not completely caught up, but I’m getting there and I feel more in control every day. In the meantime, the Weekender sweater KAL has ended and I announced the winners in my newsletter and on Instagram stories. I’ll share more of everyone’s (including my own) final sweaters soon, but so far, I’m still not finished. I’ve worked on the sleeves these last few days as a crazy knit lady though, so the first sleeve is fully done and the second one is well on the way. So close to finishing now!

With this post, I hope to get back into the swing of daily-time-schedule-blogging as well. Hopefully you guys will like staying up to date about my work life again!

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