06:15 alarm, morning pages
07:15 trying to clean up MacBook // with no success
08:00 breakfast
08:30 knitting // well on my way with that Weekender sweater body
09:15 yoga
10:15 shower
10:45 very early lunch // I’m so hungry lately ><
11:30 planning // finally that first cup of coffee of the day
12:00 hair salon
15:00 trying on Asos haul
15:30 second lunch // just because
16:00 figuring out a problem with Word // I should be text editing by now
18:00 Skype date
20:30 birthday party
01:15 bed time


Good things come to those who attract it. I’ve always believed in some kind of karma or universe thing, but never really acted like it. Lately, I’ve been deliberately trying to alter my mindset into a positive one, into one that’s probably more positive than most circumstances allow, just to try and see if it really works that way. That good things will happen to you if you just believe they will happen and act accordingly.

Today, that really worked out. I had an easy morning, my ASOS order arrived (which is always a gamble here on the Canaries), the shoes that I ordered fit, I got a problem with Microsoft Word solved, and my haircut turned out exactly how I wanted it. I topped the day off with a little birthday party in a cocktail bar. It may not be the most productive of days in terms of work, but we’ll work on that again tomorrow. 😉

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